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Editing Services

Various Editing Services

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Developmental editing services include reviewing your manuscripts to resolve any "big picture" issues including structure, form, plot, and flow. This does not usually include line editing or copy editing/proofreading. Copy editing services include reviewing the manuscript for all grammatical errors, fixing punctuation errors, making suggestions on flow, word usage, clarity, and readability. Proofreading services include a final review of a manuscript that has been copy edited to find and fix any last minute issues in the document. Book Consultation/Production Services include guidance on marketing strategies, support with layout and book production after illustration has been completed. Pricing: based on 10 pgs per hr rate. These rates are standard based on EFA Editorial Freelance Association. 1. Developmental Editing Services- $50 per hr 2. Copy Editing Services- $50 per hr 3. Proofreading/Copy Editing Services- $35 per hr 4. Book Consultation/Production Services- $65 per hr 5. Book Layout and Cover Productions- $40 per hr 6. Editing Consultation- $30 per hr Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your editing needs.


  • Brooklyn, NY, USA


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